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All My Children Spoilers

Erica Kane

For the week of September, 1st

~Bianca asks Jack to marry her mother and be there for her after revealing to him that she is pregnant.
~Kendall and Michael are M.I.A.
~Kendall manages to keep Ryan from seeing her then meets a guy you would think is Michael.
~Kendall heads back to her hotel room in Vegas with blood on her shoes.
~Mia and Aidan team up to find Kendall.
~Juan Pablo plays up to Mary.
~Anna, Tad, Mia and many others meet Kendall at the airport when she returns.
~Everyone is quite surprised when Kendall's announces her marriage to Michael.
~Bianca has nightmares about having Michael's baby.
~Mary sets her sights on Adam.
~Ryan is there to see Kendallís marriage license.
~After finding out that Palmer has been secretly visiting Adam in Canada, Tad and Liza's suspicions get the better of them.
~Greenlee starts to believe Mary.
~At Michael's condo, Kendall cleans up a stain.
~Anna starts to doubt that she can have a future with David.
~Ryan runs into Maria at Chris' grave.
~Aidan tells Kendall that he will stand by her no matter what.

Comming up!

~Erica is furious with Kendall.
~Anna has a important and difficult decision to make.
~Ryan gets ready to complete Alex's deathbed wish.
~Bianca and Ericaís bond becomes stronger.
~Aidan grows suspicious of Jack.

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Tad & Dixie

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