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Season 4 Spoilers

~ This year, Lorelai and Rory find their dreams within reach... well, almost.
~ Rory's finally arrived at the Ivy League, but finds her new status attracts a lot of attention from her grandparents. She will begin to get a taste of just why her mother ran away from home those many years ago.
~ Lorelai is about to realize her lifelong dream of owning her own country inn. In the meantime, food still needs to be put on the table and bills need to be paid, so Lorelai takes on a number of odd jobs, with an emphasis on the word "odd."
~ But the new season's biggest surprise comes with an unexpected romance that will once again test Lorelai's loyalty - and patience - for her parents.

October, 28th - Episode - 4.6 – “An Affair to Remember”

~Lorelai and Sookie cater a party for Emily. The party's a launch party thrown for Richard's and Jasons's new business dealings. Lorelai asks Emily to treat them like she'd treat any catering company, and she and Sookie end up jumping through hoops following Emily's orders. They're even asked to go through the servants' entrance when they arrive at the Gilmore house.
~Lorelai Kirk has a date with a girl named Lulu. He takes her to Luke's, where he set up a table with champagne, candles, and flowers. Luke even added a "reserved" sign.
~Lorelai Lorelai and Tom inspect the barn at the Dragonfly Inn. She wants him to turn it into a stable.
~Lorelai Jason, not knowing about the party, tells Richard that they should take their prospective clients on a trip to Atlantic City so that they'll stand out among the competition. Emily is really upset, feeling that she'll have no place in this new world of Richard's, and tells Lorelai that the party is off.
~Lorelai Lorelai goes to Jason's office and they have a great fight where she really stands up for Emily. She's already mad at Jason because she's been trying to get in touch with him and he hasn't returned her calls. You get a real sense of Jason's and Lorelai's history through their fight/conversation. He ends up asking her to dinner. At first she says no, but he reminds her that it will piss Emily off, and she agrees.
~Lorelai One of Rory's professors tells the class that there was a problem with the syllabus and their reading has been pushed ahead a week. Rory goes to her "study tree", but there's already a guy sitting there, reading a magazine. She asks him to move, he refuses and goes back to reading.

November, 4th - Episode - 4.7 – “The Festival of Living Art”

~The residents of Stars Hollow decide to host their own version of the popular California-based Pageant of the Masters, in which living, breathing people re-create classic and contemporary paintings. Rory is in "Portrait of a Young Girl Named Antea", Lorelai plays the beauty in Renoir’s "The Dance at Bougival", and Kirk is Jesus in "The Last Supper". He takes that very seriously and even quarrels with Judas.
~Jackson's brother Beau is in town for the birth of his nephew. Sookie's lateness is causing Beau to miss more work than he thought he would and forcing him to keep changing his flight which costs him money. He complains about it constantly to Sookie.
~Sookie plans to have the baby delivered by a mid-wife.
~Lorelai will bring to life a Renoir painting, while Kirk takes on the daunting task of playing God. "He's going to be Jesus in the 'Last Supper,'" laughs Sherman-Palladino, "and he takes it very much to heart, to the point where maybe he and Judas aren't getting along so well.
~Sookie is really close to giving birth in this episode, and has decided to do a home birth with a midwife. Lorelai tries to calm her down by telling her stories about Rory's birth. Lorelai wants to be there for the birth but first has to try getting along with the midwife.
~Nicole tells Luke she wants to hold off on the divorce and give their relationship a chance. She asks him why they're rushing to get this divorce, since they do really like each other. He tells her that he doesn't know. The episode ends with him considering this.
~ Lane is looking for a new guitarist for her band (presumably to replace Dave, a.k.a.). They get a demo from a rocker named Gil (Sebastian Bach of Skid Row) and invite him to try out. They're shocked to discover, though, that Gil was born before the invention of compact disks.

November, 11th - Episode - 4.8 – “Die, Jerk”

~RORY IS STALKED BY AN ANGRY BALLERINA –— When the editor of the Yale newspaper tell Rory her articles are dull, she writes a scathing review of the Yale ballet and becomes the target of the vindictive lead ballerina.
~Rory compared Sandra to a hippo and said she had the grace of a drunken dockworker.
~Jason impresses Lorelai when he manipulates Emily into inviting him to Friday night dinner so he can continue his efforts to get Lorelai to go out with him.
~Surprised to see Nicole at the diner, Lorelai forces Luke to admit that he and Nicole have put their divorce on hold and are dating again.
~Lane freaks out when her mother gives her a “marriage jug” to send to Dave in California.

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