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Passions Spoilers

Monday, January 5th
~Julian offers Theresa a deal.
~Whitney sees her mother kissing Julian!
~Dr. Ackland arrives at Sheridan's cottage to take her away!

Tuesday, January 6th
~Liz attempts to seduce TC.
~Whitney sees Julian and Eve kissing.
~Dr. Ackland takes Sheridan back to the psychiatric ward against her will.
~Whitney lashes out at Julian.
~Sheridan is led away in a straitjacket!
~Luis learns that Sheridan has been committed.

Wednesday, January 7th
~Ethan secretly tries to help Theresa.
~Whitney questions Eve about what she was doing at the Crane estate.
~Pilar begs Antonio to release his wife from the psychiatric ward.
~Luis is not banned from visiting Sheridan.
~Luis is furious at Antonio's actions.
~Theresa comes up with a plan for the future.

Thursday, January 8th
~Whitney contemplates telling TC about Eve and Julian's kiss.
~Charity ignores Miguel's calls.
~Alistair cackles over Luis and Antonio's fight, comparing the brothers to Cain and Abel.
~Kay learns of Charity's deal with Death.
~Simone, John, Reese, and Jessica prepare for a ski trip.
~Alistair is pleased with the progress of his plan.

Friday, January 9th
~Theresa gets a job at the Book Cafe to defray her legal fees.
~Gwen and Ethan rush to the hospital to see Sheridan, who is heavily sedated.
~Charity tries to stay away from Miguel.
~Kay demands that Ivy help her get Miguel.
~Gwen is suspicious of Ethan.
~Sheridan is at peace with baby Martin in her arms.

Monday, January 12th
~Julian has good news to share with Eve about their son.
~Chad returns to Harmony.
~Luis devises a plan to liberate Sheridan.
~Whitney comes face-to-face with Chad!

Tuesday, January 13th
~Whitney gives Chad the cold shoulder.
~Julian and Eve discuss their son's safety.
~Antonio struggles with his decision to have Sheridan hospitalized.

Wednesday, January 14th
~TC and Sam theorize that first love never fades away.
~Julian and Eve encounter a roadblock.
~Luis seeks Ethan and Gwen's help in emancipating Sheridan.
~Gwen wonders if Sheridan is right about the baby.

Thursday, January 15th
~Kay plans to get Miguel during the course of a romantic evening.
~Jealousy clouds Antonio's judgement.
~Luis searches for a way to free Sheridan.
~Gwen sets out to investigate Beth's pregnancy.
~Luis sneaks in to see Sheridan.

Friday, January 16th
~At the ski lodge, Charity cannot bring herself to have a good time without Miguel.
~Dr. Culver sends an e-mail to Beth.
~Suspicious Gwen makes an appointment to see Beth's doctor.

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DAYS Spoilers

Tuesday, January 6th
~John packs his bags and leaves.
~Jan breaks into Belle's loft and dons a negligee.
~The commissioner asks Bo to take Roman's place as acting commander.
~Celeste has a vision and realizes the killer is still at large.

Wednesday, January 7th
~Ghosts reveal that Celeste possesses a clue to the killer's identity.
~Shawn wakes up to the sensation someone is watching him.
~An officer nabs Jan.
~Lucas serves Sami breakfast in bed.

Thursday, January 8th
~Shawn spots Jan and chases her through the park.
~Tony calls Mickey Horton to retain his services as a lawyer.
~Celeste insists Tony is innocent.
~Chloe is offered a starring role in an opera.

Friday, January 9th
~Marlena visits Tony in jail.
~Nicole diverts Shawn's attention away from Jan.
~Lexie tells Jennifer that something is wrong with her unborn child.
~Jennifer has another ultrasound and Lexie tells her the results.

Monday, January 12th
~Bo testifies at Tony's pretrial hearing.
~Celeste tells Marlena about her ghostly visitors.
~Jennifer's unborn child is in jeopardy.
~Nicole looks on as Brady says good-bye to Chloe at the airport.

Tuesday, January 13th
~Marlena testifies on Tony's behalf.
~John asks Celeste if she still believes he is going to kill his wife.
~Nicole takes Jan under her wing.
~Victor confides in Tony.
~Shawn and Belle discuss Jan's whereabouts.

Wednesday, January 14th
~The judge reaches a decision at Tony's pretrial hearing.
~Nicole grabs a gun and shoots Victor.
~A man in a hooded sweatshirt abducts Marlena as she leaves the courthouse.
~Bonnie plans to seduce Mickey Horton.

Thursday, January 15th
~Stefano sends instructions to Tony.
~Rex gets another headache.
~While in a trance, Celeste sees two piercing yellow eyes.
~Tony trains with his Zen master.
~A large crate is marked for delivery.

Friday, January 16th
~Family and friends attend Roman's funeral.
~In a dream, a tiger mauls Marlena.
~Bo finds Agent Spector waiting for him in his living room.
~Doug and Julie return to town with a big surprise.
~Celeste visits Tony and proposes they share information.

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